Yuan Zhen Investments
About Us

As the London-based European division of a successful and prestigious Chinese investment group, Yuan Zhen Investments is perfectly placed to bridge the UK and Chinese markets. With a senior management team with over 20 years in property development and expertise in hotels, retirement provision and care, and agriculture, Yuan Zhen has extensive management, development and sales experience in the core retail and residential asset classes and in specialist areas including hotels and serviced apartments. In 2010, the group established Yuan Zhen Investments, its European investment unit in London. Yuan Zhen Investment's principal purpose is to utilise its knowledge, assets and expertise to identify and exploit opportunities to invest in the UK market. Since 2010 Yuan Zhen has invested in the Chinese elderly healthcare market via its healthcare arm Edward Centre for Healthcare Research. This multi-million pound project operates a market-oriented research institute that aims to improve the quality of healthcare practice by advancing the understanding of the health and social service needs of elderly people.

From mid-2012, Yuan Zhen Investments began a programme of investment into the UK market. Yuan Zhen is now actively seeking investment opportunities to collaborate with UK organisations across a range of market sectors. To find out more about Yuan Zhen's investment programme click here.

Edward Healthcare focuses on investment and research in health and nursing care, with an emphasis on evidence-based practices for the elderly. Our close ties with Chinese healthcare organisations ideally positions us to help tackle problems associated with ageing populations across different cultures.

Our new research centre was established in January 2013 to provide advisory, research and information services. The centre is a collaboration with Manchester Academic Health Science Centre (MAHSC) Health Technology Hub, MIMIT and TRUSTECH and will focus on exploration of care systems, technologies and products that could be developed and adopted for use in the eldercare market.